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Workshop Safety

Facing the Workshop Safety Dilemma

Workshop-SafetyAre you finding it difficult to implement and maintain a high level of workshop safety initiatives in your workplace. Maybe you have made an effort to get them in place, always to have it fall in a heap, because it got in the way of getting the work done or people just didn’t do what they were meant to do and it died a natural death.

This is not an uncommon story and happens to many businesses trying to incorporate measures to cover their duty of care. If you’re one these people, you can appreciate how difficult it is to not only learn and establish a safety management system but also the structure and determination needed to maintain and improve the process.

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Working Towards a Safer Workshop

With OHS harmonisation in play, there is no better time to get your workshop safety in order. There are many free and cheap resources available to the business community which can help the general business add to their OH&S documentation. But that does not help the overriding fact that if not structured correctly, the system will fall apart and basically be a waste of time and effort.

workshop-safety-hazardsA structured safety management system provides a number of benefits including, delivering a process in line with as4801, which includes OHS policy, registers, forms, check lists, notifications and duty of care training. The implementation of the system provides a set starting point and tools to maintain and measure the ongoing performance of the workshop safety program.

You Don’t Have to Do it on Your Own

A Safety Advisor can quickly get you started down the workshop safety road, assisting you to develop and implement a safety software system that is customised to your business activities and needs. It cuts down the time and effort you or your staff need to spend on putting it all together, and you know it’s correct from the start.

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What are You Doing Today to Manage Safety Tomorrow

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