Using a Safety Advisor Removes the Compliance Headache

OHS-Safety-AdvisorThere is an increasing focus on business OH&S compliance and business owners duty of care to ensure the workplace is free of unmanaged hazards. To achieve this, business owners need a proactive approach to managing the workplace environment, activities and culture, a safety advisor can help you through the process.

Its is difficult for business owners who are already stretched in time and resources to learn, implement and manage increasing legislative requirements placed on them.

It makes sense in these situations to engage a specialist safety advisor to compliment your current skills and resources to assist you in the assessment, design, implementation and ongoing management and maintenance of a safety management system.


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“5 Steps to Compliance”

With the “5 steps to compliance” program, you can choose to do as much or as little as you have time and resources for, and your safety advisor will provide the tools, systems, guidance, training and ongoing maintenance of your OH&S system.

  • 1/_ A physical workplace inspection and safety review to assess the businesses current compliance.
  • 2/_ Set up an improvement program using the inspection report.
  • 3/_ Supply and implement a suitable OHS management system to fit the business activities.
  • 4/_ Train and guide the business in OHS activities, culture and internal management.
  • 5/_ Maintain, monitor, and measure the safety management system and required activities.
Safety-Advisor-complianceBy following these steps and utilising the services of a safety advisor provides a sound structure for the business to ensure the workplace is safe and free from unmanaged hazards and provides a level of comfort knowing you have a process in place to manage your OHS duty.

Because each industry has elements that have unique aspects in relation to operations and legislation we focus on providing the most suitable safety advisor for your needs. Some of the industries we cover are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Gas and Oil
  • Contractor Trades
  • Technical Trades
  • Tourism
  • Service industries
  • Retail

Take the Hassle out of OHS Compliance

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