Pre-Qualification Assistance

Gas & Oil – CM3 – Pics – Construction

OHS Safety Advisor

The process of Pre-Qualification is more than another form to fill out, it’s an entry point to a new market. We aim to help you deliver a high level submission providing you greater opportunity.

Workplace Assessments

Site Inspections – Audits – Reviews

OHS Occupational Health and safety Audit

Workplace inspections provide an opportunity for you to gauge how well you are performing or to identify the gaps you have in the operation from an independent experienced observer.

Safety Management Systems

Paper Based – Online / Integrated Systems

OHS Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Effective safety programs utilise a variety of OHS safety management system models including paper based manuals through to computer and on-line programs including on-line inductions.


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Link to Qld Legislation / Link to Work Safe Australia