Benchmarking Safety with a Safety Review

Safety-Audit-InspectionA WHS safety review provides a starting point for businesses to acknowledge the current status of their safety performance, and provides a useful, practical tool for Businesses that:

  • have limited safety processes, but want a priority list to begin their safety journey.
  • have some safety structure but want to take that next step towards improvement.
  • are established with reasonable safety systems, but want a 3rd party opinion of the practical application of their safety processes.


The review covers a large range of elements in assessing current performance and future activity for improvement. These include documentation, communication, risk management, work environment, culture and what is happening on the ground to provide a clear picture of current performance.

The purpose of the initial review is to provide a benchmark measurement of your WHS capabilities at a particular point in time.  This will be used to create an action schedule, focusing on priority safety issues and to be referred to when measuring the businesses ongoing performance. This is why the safety review and inspections are used as the first step in structured safety development.

Don’t be talked into expensive safety management systems or other safety packages until you have bench-marked your current performance and understand the gaps in your business processes. Once you have a handle on your requirements you can then start planning on correcting the high-risk elements first, working though the list.

By this time, you will have a much better understanding of the safety requirements of the business and what resources you really need to support your safety development into the future.

We offer a range of site safety assessments (for all industries) and maintenance programs to help keep you on track throughout the year.


Start Your WHS Program with a Safety Review

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What are You Doing Today to Manage Safety Tomorrow

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