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We prepare you for working in Major Project Supply Chains.

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It is critical to ensure you respond to a contractor prequalification correctly, treating it as a strategic step to become a supplier to the proponent or high tiered Contractors in the major projects supply chain.

This means you will need to invest time, resources and money into the delivery of a well-structured and detailed pre-qualification response. As you can imagine there are many elements that need to be considered when developing a quality pre-qualification submission, and one that stands out will set you apart from others.

Our client base consists of two main contractor groups;

  • Having difficultly in preparing an effective prequalification response with limited internal systems, and often miss the mark and an opportunity to highlight their real capabilities,
  • Already have established and proven systems, but want to test those management systems against a practical review, both improving the submission response and also identifying and closing holes in their current systems and activity.


We help you achieve your potential through the pre-qualification process.


  • Oil and Gas Prequalifications – Arrow Energy – Santos – Origin Energy – QGC – and other similar major project proponents.
  • Industry Prequalifications – Achilles – Browz – Pegasus – PICS and similar providers
  • Government Prequalifications – TMR (Qld) – PQC (Qld) – CAL (NT) – construction scheme (NSW)


This Is How We Add Value For You:AS4801

  • We provide a no-nonsense review and identify the work that will be required to achieve prequalification.
  • We provide targeted assistance, working with your internal team and resources to deliver best value solution.
  • We cater to smaller contractors through to corporations, matching our services to the individual capabilities and structure of each business.
  • We provide constructive feedback throughout the program in relation to identified gaps in operating systems and improvement solutions.
  • We critically assess your pre-qualification evidence and responses prior to submission.


Achieve Improved Pre-Qualification Outcomes
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This is how we have helped others through the Pre Qualification process :



Newlands Civil Construction engaged OHS Safety Advisors services to assist our efforts to pre-qualify with Arrow Energy as a high risk supplier. Although we have pre-qualified with others before, we realised we could improve our strategic position by utilising Kevin’s experience and approach to the Pre-Qualification submission process.
The structure of the activities and the guidance provided by Kevin not only achieved a great pre- qualification outcome but also tested our own internal systems and highlighted gaps we had not identified previously, this was an additional benefit for us.
The investment we made with OHS safety advisors will pay for itself many times over, Kevin is highly recommended.

– Brendan Ellis
General Manager – Newlands Civil Construction

I have been in the construction industry for over 19 years and needed a new strategy in prequalifying for principle contracting.
OHS Safety Advisor Kevin Gardner has successfully assisted Meales through the Arrow Pre-Qualification process. His involvement has provided significant insight into the requirements of the gas sector and has improved our approach to safety management. Because of the work we have completed with Kevin, the business is now looking forward and motivated to increasing its safety management programs to the next level. Kevin’s approach has been practical and well suited to the businesses operational focus.
meales concrete pumping

– Stirling Mawby
Operations Manager – Meales Concrete Pumping

We have engaged OHS Safety Advisors to assist us in developing safety management systems for our transport and civil works operation in Brisbane.
Kevin has assisted our team in completing a number of Origin and Arrow safety pre-qualifiers for the tenders we are submitting for the coal seam gas sector. With limited internal documentation and resources Kevin has been able to complete and satisfy the safety elements of these company requirements within the specified time.
We are happy with the value, knowledge and practical approach Kevin has provided during these projects and will continue to work with him into the future to further develop and manage our safety management program.

– Kylie Fisher
Director – Austrans Haulage

OHS Safety Advisors have assisted Sundown Group Pty Ltd to develop WHSE infrastructure reduce harm to our employee and clients throughout our business. Kevin has a down to earth implementation method which helped us understand and identify and resolve concerns and issues with WHSE.
Kevin assisted in the pre qualification process with Arrow Energy through to Green Banding and help us identify our WHSE gaps within the company. Sundown Group now has a greater understanding of WHSE, which may have been holding us back from realising our full potential in the major projects space.

– Thomas Holden
Managing Director

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If it wasn’t for Kevin Gardner and the expertise advice provided by OH&S Safety Advisors Pacific Cleaning would never have achieved Green Banding status through the recent Arrow Energy Pre-Qualification process. A combination of an in-depth knowledge of the required HSE information and a service level of the highest order were the key ingredients that helped our company achieve something we would never have attained on our own. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin Gardner to work with any business or upcoming project.
pacific 2pacific 1

– Stephen Driscoll
General Manager – Pacific Cleaning PTY LTD

Surat Basin Project is a partner in the Maranoa Civil JV. While starting our WHS through the Whanu Binal program Kevin Gardner was assigned to assist us to develop our WHS system and update our knowledge in the resource sector. Kevin soon put us at ease and made the setting up of our WHS system an enjoyable and informative experience. Being able to ring, email or meet with Kevin any time we were unsure of anything made the whole process less stressful. Kevin’s patience, easygoing manner and the uncomplicated way he explained things also made us more relaxed and confident in our ability to achieve the end result.
maranoa civil

– Ron Binge & Julie Williams
JV Partners – Maranoa Civil-