Construction Safety and the Principal Contractor

Construction-SafetyBecause of the complex nature of construction safety, with multiple contractors on site and conducting many high risk activities the industry focus on safety is critical. Long gone are the days where taking risks was just part of the job and safety awareness was just another interruption to an otherwise productive day.

Today, Principal Contractors are not only responsible for their own staff but also anyone else who enters the site, causing you to plan, consult and manage the sites OHS activities and documentation to best practice levels.

One of the main difficulties in managing construction safety is the vast range of contractors that enter the site. Each contractor has a different level of understanding, structure, operational maturity and respect for safety, which creates a mixed bag of headaches for the Principal Contractor and Site Manager.

The best way to manage the site and contractors from the outset is to ensure your site safety plan is suitable for the activities to be performed and your contractor engagement and contractor management processes are structured. This will provide a clear expectation of what your expect from workers on site before they enter the site.

We can not only provide site safety plans but we also assess and advise on how you can better engage contractors from the start, to ensure the message is consistent both in requirements of working on site and the consequences of safety non-conformance.


Is Your Site Safety Management Activity Up To Scratch?

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Construction Safety and the Developer

The nature of the safety legislation these days is to involve all parties in the chain of activity in a construction project, including Designers, Planners, Principal Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Workers and even Developers.

It is important for developers to understand they have a duty of care to ensure the Principal Contractors not only have a safe structure but also perform safely during the project.

It is in the Developers best interest to ensure the performance of the Principal Contractor is maintained at a desired level as to reduce the Developers exposure to non-compliance. The most effective way to reduce this exposure is to engage a 3rd party safety advisor to review the site activity and safety documentation on a regular basis during the project. Ideally this should be included in any project budget as a mandatory cost for the Developer.

We offer a customised solution for Developers, providing a range of options to ensure you are managing your safety risk exposure on each project.

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What are You Doing Today to Manage Safety Tomorrow

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