Safety Management Systems

Safety-Software-ConnectionWithout a safety management system there is nothing holding all the pieces together. The procedures, the policies, the schedules, the forms, registered and checklists and risk assessments and all the other components are all managed through the establishment of a Safety Management System.

The system is the businesses guidebook for safety, providing the organisation with a fluid process to implement, track and measure performance and accountability in regards to their specific OH&S duty requirements. One of the first questions you will get in an audit from an inspector is “how do you manage your workplace safety?”, what will you tell them?


What Elements Make a Good System

The best system is one that is developed in line with recognised safety management structure ISO45001. This could be a basic paper-based system which requires copying and manual filing away of documents, or it could be a safety software-based system that provides all the elements wrapped up in a digital format.

Safety-Management-System-paper-basedA software system would including increased functionality with on-line access, on-line forms and registers, real time document and inspection uploads, emailed or SMS notifications and on-line video induction and other training as well as App integration so everyone remains on track.

It does not matter type what you utilise, as long as you implement a suitable safety management system for your business needs and always allow for the growth of the business in any decision you make.

Selecting and Implementing Your System

A Safety Advisor can help you assess and identify the best system for your business, including assisting you to develop and implement the safety management system into your business activities. It cuts down the time and effort you or your staff need to spend on putting it all together, and you know it’s correct from the start.

Our systems are designed for SME clients providing a balance of legislative and industry requirements against practical language, to make implementation and usability a standout feature. Our systems are used by trades, manufacturers and service providers in all industries including Gas and Oil and have passed stringent pre-qualification requirements in these industries.


It’s Time to Implement Your Safety Management System

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What are You Doing Today to Manage Safety Tomorrow

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